Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gwinnett Braves Game

These pics are from the Gwinnett Braves game we attended for Dave O's surprise 30th.
I honestly saw ZERO baseball. We were too busy chasing this crazy around....

This was cracking me UP! Farrah would kamikaze down the hill. Stop, roll on her back, arch and give a smile, roll over, repeat... It may be hard to tell just how ridiculous it was; but funny.

This was the first time Bella has hit a ball off a tee. She did pretty well making contact...
And if she missed, she didn't see a problem with hitting it the other way towards the people standing in line...

I also was able to use their 4th of July outfits and claim to be team spirited :)

And, as always, I will end with something sweet about my husband. But oh my gosh, how HOT is he?!!? :)


Kelly Ford said...

oh my word... i just had to re-read your last sentence like 3 times... i kept thinking it said "how hot is hell"? the exclamation points in my mind kept looking like an L :-)
Ok, so i'm a little slow.... hehe.

GG said...

HaHaHa Kelly...I thought the same thing! Funny thing is...the other day while out talking with a property owner in this heat...I thought I'm sure glad I'm Heavenbound...because I cannot imagine how hot hell really will be!!! I couldn't take it!

Amanda Odom said...

What a fun post. You beat me to the punch!