Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation to Grayton Beach

We had a GREAT time at the beach this week!
It was our first time on an extended vacation with the Greens, and we picked an awesome place.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL all week, just perfect.
IMG_7992 copy
The beach was even more quiet than usual, with school starting back.
Chris and I were able to walk a block to The Red Bar for a date night.
We had a great routine that consisted of waking, eating, poolin', eating, napping, snacking, beachin' it, eating and sleeping.
Actually, Chris would take a nice long nap with the girls, and I snuck down to the beach for some relaxing, sun, and alone time!
I am always thankful for a break from the routine and craziness of life.

(And, btw, Farrah totally perfected the art of walking up to the camera and posing without us asking. It was awesome. I'll never forget this one below, she saw Chris asking Bella for a smile, and Farrah got up and posed with her deflated float. Love that girl!)
This year was no different.
Just to be with these two AMAZING girls - Chris and I just can't get over that they are ours.
The Greens were so generous to take us on this trip.
Chris took some amazing shots.
(Could you not feel like you could crawl into these pictures with them?)
I couldn't pick, so you get to see a bunch.
Mostly of my little brown berries. :)
GG & Poppy got lots of Quality Time with the grandkids.
IMG_7994 copy
And Chris and I got lots of time together, with the girls and without.
It was awesome. I love this man, my best friend.
And here is a little picture of Hallie at the beach. I thought a silhouette would be a good way to not really show me all the way in a bathing suit. :) But still get a shot of my belly and capture Hallie's time with us at the beach. She was quite active, too.


Nana Julie said...

So thankful y'all had a great week! Glad you are home safely. Love the pics!

The Adams Family said...

That picture of you is breath taking Katie...just beautiful :)

The Watsons said...

Hallie looks GORGEOUS! Just like every Green girl I know!

Julie Tiemann said...

So glad you took the time to do this post again. :) LOVE Grayton and love these pics. It's funny, Bella and Amelia actually look alike to me sometimes - something about their smiles. :)

LOVE LOVE that last pic of you and Hallie. Just beautiful. Frame-worthy.

So glad y'all had this trip!

Bartling Family said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful week! Chris does an amazing job capturing everyone's spirit in the pictures. The girl's have the most beautiful eyes!

GG said...

We did have a fantastic time and so sad the week is over and it's back to work. I am going through Green Girl withdrawals! Loved spending so much time with you all. Cannot wait to do it again! We are so blessed!