Friday, August 12, 2011

Ryan & Melissa's Wedding Video

Ryan & Melissa were married in March. I just love my brother, and I feel like Melissa has always been a sister. They are so sweet together and I couldn't be more happy for their happiness!

Dave Karger of Atlanta Cinematic did a great job with the video. We highly recommend!! (He also did their save the date video that you can see by clicking here)

Here is a highlight of their awesome rehearsal, wedding and reception. The girls were flower girls and Melissa found such cute dresses! We had so much fun; everything was just perfect.

Ryan & Melissa from David Karger on Vimeo.


Becky said...

I've been following your blog a short while after it was linked from another blog, and didn't realize until I saw this video that I know your family from RMS.

I was watching this lovely video and at the toast scene with the Solo cups, I thought, wow, that looks a whole lot like "C," a student I taught at Richards. As the video rolled on, I noticed other familiar faces, and then when I heard the bride's name, I realized if she went to RMS, she was in my class too.

K,C, and Melissa may remember me as "Ms. Jones" from 7th grade language arts class. Glad to see everyone doing well, and what a gorgeous and fun wedding! I wish Ryan and Melissa many wonderful years together.

My prayers for you, Chris, and all three girls during this challenging time. May God hold you all close to His heart.

Kelly Ford said...

Oh my! A few things...
1. The girls dresses are ADORABLE! and they were cute as pie!
2. You look fabulous!
3. Your mom looks INCREDIBLE!! What a classy lady :-)
4. I love Melissa's style... the dress, the veil, the bouquet! All perfect!!!
5. They look so happy. Just precious!

What a GREAT video! I know they'll treasure it forever! And what a sweet thing to be able to share it with their kids and grandkids, etc...

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