Monday, August 8, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 20 weeks!

Baby is the size of: a small cantaloupe

Symptoms: some heartburn at night

Maternity clothes? half & half. would love to freshen that wardrobe up. I think some new cute tops would be nice to have! I actually love summer and don't mind the heat (too much), but I am ready for some fall clothes!

Sleep: sleeping well. still laying on my tummy some. kinda on my tummy, but turned to a side. Either that or on my back. I toss and turn to get comfortable, but I think that's because our bedroom is 1000 degrees.

Fun moment(s) this past week: We attended two fun birthday parties this Saturday. One was a barn theme at my aunt's B&B for Abigail. Allison decorated so cute!! The farm animal cake pop's were just over the top cute! Later that evening, we went to Bella's friends Brooke & Bailey's swim party. It was fun - lots of our friends from church - Pizza, jumpy house (or "boppy" as Farrah calls it), pool, bubbles... We all slept well that night for sure!

Movement: feeling her move around a lot now! Chris was able to feel her this week as we were going to sleep. I know that makes things more personal for him, too. He said he'd like to write on here one day again soon. He used to write some on our old blog.

Food cravings: Not sure it's really a craving, but I have been loving Trader Joe's Lemonade & Tea. YUM!! I have to pace myself not to drink it all in a day :)

Gender & Name: Little girl still doesn't have a name. This week I'll start to look, I promise. :)

Weight gained: Not sure. Feeling like I'm doing ok though. Maybe I should get a belly picture going...

Belly Button in or out? No change

What I am looking forward to: We are going to the beach in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to that!!!

Reflections on the past week: I feel like I've had a good handle on my emotions this week. I may have some cries, but I know it's also healthy (and normal!) and that my cries and prayers are heard by my loving Father in Heaven. He understands. I can have a cry, know it's normal, and not be in a funk for two days because of it. :) Even though I'm sure that's still bound to happen. But I have felt good this week.
I guess a good word is I have felt secure. Secure in my marriage - knowing I can just bury my head in Chris' chest and cry and he will just hold me. Secure in God's word that says everything works for the good of those who love the Lord.
Crazy that I'm "halfway there" in this pregnancy. I feel like it's gone fast, even with everything going on. I'm feeling her more & more and trying to just enjoy this time we have together.


Julie Tiemann said...

I just love how much you and Chris clearly love each other.

So glad you are finding ways to enjoy your time with this sweet, unnamed baby girl of yours. So glad God lets us feel our babies while they grow!!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i love the way God clearly shines through your outlook. Your faith is inspiring and I pray nothing but good things upon you and your sweet family! May the God who heals show Himself mighty!

PS - what kind of camera does your husband us - he takes amazing pics!

Aimee said...

Praying for you. I walked a very similar road in 2007. Our little Sophie Ann was worth all 9 minutes that we held her. Cling tightly to Christ and His Word. He will sustain you. And you will love Him so much more on the other side of this trial. To Him be all glory!