Friday, August 5, 2011

Rain, Rain, Will You Stay?

We went on a family walk one night this week. It was hot & muggy and NO breeze. The actual act of swinging the girls at the playground made a tiny breeze - that was it. We took some pictures on the way there in the park...
Ummmm... she sat like this on her own. How old are you??
As we were out, a big cloud rolled in. Chris ran home with the stroller as not to get the camera wet. I walked & just soaked it in. It felt so nice.
But then... the rain came harder as we got up on our porch. So we all sat and enjoyed the late afternoon summer storm.
And look what came out to play.... Farrah's curls!!!! Crazy how much it curled up in the humidity!!
And Chris captured her curiosity so well. He says it's one of his favorite pictures ever. I have to agree:


Nana Julie said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures. How sweet! Loving those curls....

Meghan said...

Hi Katie. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I am so sorry for what you are going through. This is such an incredibly hard journey! There are days that seem so normal yet nothing is normal.
I would love the blogs of the other ladies who have went through this already. You can email me at mkpfeiffer88 @

GG said...

I agree with Nana Julie, love the pictures and the curls. Love that y'all just enjoy life! Just stopping to smell the roses...perse!

Julie Tiemann said...

Love those sweet curls! And that's MY favorite picture Chris has even taken too. :) Seriously, it could win contests!

Nikki said...

Hello, I just found your blog the other day. I just checked back to see how you are doing and saw those amazing pictures!!! My favorite is "touching the rain". Just beautiful!

Also wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my prayers during this rough time. Stay strong.

Cindy McIver said...

I think all Chris' pics are fabulous, but the one of Farrah on the porch catching the rain is AMAZING!!!! I beg Jeremy all the time to PLEASE create things for us "like Chris does!" I pray for Hallie often and thank the Lord every day for allowing me (and mine) to be a part of your family!!! We love you all dearly!!!Hope to see you all soon!!!