Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bella & Farrah's Birthday PARTY!

This year we combined the girls birthday parties. Many of the same friends would be invited, and I have to say it was much easier to plan one rather than two parties! :) It was a Halloween costume party and my awesome aunt let us have it at her place, The Social Goat Bed & Breakfast. I swear, it's always the best weather every year there! October is such a great time of year anyway. And my aunt Kristy's place is just cool anyway - I hardly have to decorate at all.

We had pizza, made my first cake pops (with Mom & Chelsie's much-needed help), and a jumpy house. This along with the costumes and great weather made for a wonderful time. I think the kids were all successfully worn out, too! :) Thank you all who came and made such a great memory with us.

Here's most of the kids:

My little ghosts: (we used the flower girl dresses from Ryan & Melissa's wedding!) I learned at the party that adhesive felt doesn't stick great. It was a good warm up for Halloween!


The cake pops:

Kids made their own treat bags.


This is as we were singing Happy Birthday to the girls. Bella shouted, "No, it's my birthday!!" She didn't understand they were sharing. ha!

Farrah with GG. Two things to note: her Oso bear (She's obsessed with Special Agent Oso) and her smile lately:


GG said...

Great party! So much fun in the jumpy house! Beautiful weather and loved all the cute costumes! Cannot believe how fast the Green Girls are growing up! :-)

Julie Tiemann said...

We had so much fun, despite the sprained ankle. ;) The treat bags were such a great idea. Just wish my girls had cooperated for the adorable group photo... Love your sweet girls!