Monday, October 3, 2011

pregnancy Update - 28 weeks (7 months!)

Baby is the size of: a chinese cabbage (although Hallie is measuring 2 weeks behind, so I guess she's still about the length of a cucumber) 

Symptoms: swelling. ouch. 

Maternity clothes? yep. getting ready to get some fall maternity clothes out of storage. yippee!

Sleep: I sleep hard once asleep, but getting comfortable is no fun. I still like to lay on my tummy or back. Sleeping on my left side is suppose to help with the leg swelling but I can't seem to get comfy. Oh, and I'm now acting like a nap is a God-given right. I don't like missing mine! ha.

Fun moment(s) this past week: Being on the beach and watching the girls love just running around, chasing birds, playing frisbee. And also watching them dance at the wedding in Savannah. They are so fun!

Movement: Lots still. Hallie was moving all around as we sat in the sun this weekend. She seems to also like to stretch and push me around. :) 

Food cravings: No cravings really.

Gender & Name: Hallie ? Green

Weight gained: not getting on a scale at home. :) I like only knowing at appts! 

Belly Button in or out? still an innie.

What I am looking forward to: Hmmm... more of this weather?? :) And we have some out of town friends coming up this weekend. We haven't talked to them in like a YEAR! But they are the type friends you just fall right back into place with. We haven't yet told them about Hallie (or even that I'm pregnant). (We just haven't talked in that long and they aren't on Facebook or read blogs...)
In general, I find that the hardest part in talking about it is telling people the news. Once it's out there, I'm usually ok talking about it. I'm trying to find the balance of that in a lot of places in my life right now. For a long time, only people in our circles (family, church, work, etc.) knew because they knew I was pregnant or know us. But now that I'm showing, and life goes on... I meet new people and I feel like it has to come up all the time (new Bible Study, new people I volunteer with at church, neighbors). There is a comfort in being able to talk about Hallie when I want AND it makes me feel like I have somewhat of a normal pregnancy. But I don't like the discomfort in bringing it up when people don't already know. There's just no good way to bring that up in a conversation. There's not really a solution to this... I just deal with it as it comes along I guess.

Reflections on the past week: A pretty good week. I am getting more anxious as time goes on. I am within 3 months of having Hallie (or less), and that freaks me out. Not sure how else to say that. But the pregnancy is going fast where as at one time, Christmas felt really far away. But y'all know how this time of year flies by... The girls birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then BAM! It's Christmas. On one hand, I am ready for her to be here. So much of the stress is in the waiting. On the other hand, I'm not ready for her to be out of the safety of my womb.

I also have no idea how to put into words the things that go on in my head on a day-to-day or even an hour-by-hour basis. I could write so many different posts on so many different aspects of life right now... but I just don't know the words or have the time :)

I will say... I joined a new Bible study group that I haven't done in a couple of years - for moms. We are talking about the book "The Ministry of Motherhood" and it's done so much for my attitude and job as a mother. We just finished this week talking about grace in parenting and it was so good! I look forward to the rest of the book! I'm glad I did this study to remember to focus on being as good of a mom as I can during this time and not to tune out.

Love yall. Thanks for praying!


Emily said...

i think of you and Hallie ALL the time. i understand how you feel...excited to meet her but scared for the pregnancy to end too. I think about that a lot for you and pray that time will slow down a little. I feel like this pregnancy is FLYING don't you?!?! I think it's being due in Dec and being pregnant in just ONE year instead of having a due date with a different year ya know? I'm sure that telling people is awkward and difficult for you, so glad you're welcoming good friends this weekend who will be there to be real and authentic with!

Anonymous said...

Hallie ___ Green
What about Rebekah

Liz said...

i dont like hallie rebekah
what about hallie elissabeth

elizabeth said...

i can relate with the "telling new people the news" weight on your shoulders. i always thought it was such a heavy burden that i was about to share a little bit of. and i hated how i was about to make this person's day not so sun-shiney. but at the same time i thought- maybe they'll go home and hug their loved ones tighter tonight and maybe they'll cherish life a little bit more tomorrow.
God bless you! and know that i pray for you daily.

Joy said...

Katie, you are so brave. Your strength, attitude and faith inspire me and so many others, more than you will probably ever know. I love you friend and am so grateful to know you. You are a blessing!