Friday, October 7, 2011

Savannah - Tybee Island Weekend


Last weekend, we attended a wedding in Savannah and stayed in a condo with my family (10 of us!) in Tybee. It was a beautiful weather weekend, and so fun to be on the beach then dance the night away with my favorite party people.
I have so many pictures to share... Chris took tons and every where we went was just beautiful for taking shots... but for now, I'll share some of the wedding and reception...

The girls didn't sleep very much on this trip... mostly in the car rides. They fell asleep on the way to the wedding and woke up cuddly. This is Farrah holding Chris' hand during the (short, gotta love it) wedding. And Bella loving on me :)

We took a few outside under the big trees.

Open bar... and Farrah and I shared a cranberry sprite :)

Cute Husband

The reception was at Savannah Yacht Club and the girls loved seeing the big boats before the party started! They even gave out comfy flip flops to change out of your heels (I was so thankful!!)

More to follow.... 

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Nana Julie said...

What a fun filled weekend!! Glad we got to all be together. Memories!!!