Monday, October 10, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 29 weeks!

Baby is the size of: A butternut squash. since she's measuring small, I'll just imagine her as a tiny butternut squash :) Our next ultrasound is in 2 weeks.

Symptoms: Yucky heartburn. 

Maternity clothes? Bought a new pair of jeans this weekend and that makes me feel like a new woman! :)

Sleep: About the same. Hard to get comfortable and fall asleep... but then I sleep like a rock. 

Fun moment(s) this past week: A trip to The Rock Ranch. What a beautiful weekend here! I'll do a separate post on the day, but here are a couple of teaser pics...

And the visit from our friends from Sarasota. We hadn't seen each other since their last trip through Atlanta. And it was like no time had passed. I love that I knew it would be like that. It was so fun, and we just hung out and had lunch and let the girls play together. I love friends like this that you just click with. We have to get down to Sarasota again soon!

Movement: Hallie: oh yeah. Me: moving slowly.

Food cravings: A pretty constant thing I've liked during this pregnancy is a lemonade/tea mix. (Also called a Arnold Palmer. Not to be confused with Tom Arnold when ordering... not that I would know...haha) Today I realized.... Chick-fil-a will do this. And it was YUMMY! 

Gender & Name: Hallie 

Weight gained: Next appt is the 18th at the new doc. We'll see then... :)

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but I can see it all. 

What I am looking forward to: My sweet first born is turning 4 tomorrow. We are in disbelief! 4 years?!?

Reflections on the past week: It was a good week. I feel more at ease now that I made a decision to change delivering hospitals. It feels right and I finally got all the paper work transferred and an appt scheduled with a new OB. It feels good to have that behind me. And I think it kept me busy :) Now that I'm 29 weeks, I'll meet with a care team on a birth plan and meet the neonatologist. In some ways, I feel like we are on the home stretch, even though I still have around 10 weeks! In many ways, I am eager to get to the end of this pregnancy and just meet her (God willing) and in other ways I want to keep her in me forever. But for the most part, I just feel ready. The waiting is hard for me.

I really have a strong desire to share how I feel completely wrapped in God's arms through all of this. I feel like I've grown in my own personal relationship with him. If only I were a good writer and could tell you in beautiful ways. Although I would change my circumstance in a millisecond, I don't know that I could experience this in any other way than to walk through it myself. 

Prayer requests! (Newly added category): Here are some specific things that are on my heart and mind that you can pray for :)
  • That we would make it full term and get to meet our precious Hallie
  • Wisdom for the doctors 
  • That we will feel clarity & peace with whatever decisions we'll have to make regarding Hallie's care
  • Protection of my sweet Bella's tender heart in what ever is to come. Farrah's too, but Bella will of course be the one who understands more.
  • That God is glorified in all of this


Emily said...

GREAT idea to add the prayer request section! I LOVE the be able to pray specifically. I want so badly for you to get to hold sweet Hallie and have her in your arms. Continuing to pray for you all...cannot BELIEVE Bella is 4!!! Also can't believe you switched this late along, good for you for following your gut on what's the right thing!!!

Nana Julie said...

Lobe the prayer request section too! You are so right about our sweet Bella. So many people have had their faith strengthened through your sweet words, including mine!

Amanda said...

You are an amazing person and we love you all dearly. Prayers coming your way daily. Bella and Farrah, such precious gifts from God! Hugs

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing some specifics that we can pray, I'm on it...keep them coming! And Happy Birthday sweet Bella!!

Jaycie said...

I love that you posted specifics for us to pray for. Sometimes it's hard to know what to ask God for, so we just pray and ask Him to wrap his arms around you. Looks like He's got that covered! Happy Birthday to sweet Bella! Can't believe are 1st borns are 4!