Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney Day 1 & 2!

We drove down to Disney and didn't tell the girls where we were going! We left the house around 7am, made a couple of stops, and arrived around 3pm. Bella's two guesses for where we were going were: "To spend the night at a restaurant!" and "Africa!"

When we arrived at the house, the only thing they had their eye on was the pool!! We wanted to capture the moment of telling them where we were (instead of trying to capture it in the car on the way to Disney the next day!) Chris set the camera up and we told them... Bella said, "Can we go swimming now??" They had no idea what "going to Disney World" really meant. But that changed when they saw the castle on our third day!!


That night, we hung out in Downtown Disney.

The next morning, we had a character breakfast at Beach Club Resort. Goofy, Minnie and Donald were all in attendance. Bella loved it! It's a little awkward to know how to interact with these characters because they don't talk. But she gave lots of hugs and high fives. Farrah liked them all at a distance. When they would come to the table, she'd stare straight ahead at Chris and I, would get flush and overall just looked like she was trying to hold it together!! I think she cried on Goofy's second visit with us. Her favorite part was waving hardcore as they left our table. And she loved the waffles.


That afternoon we woke up and had some snacks!

That evening, we spontaneously got together with the DeFeo's that just moved down to Orlando! Courtney is my friend Katie's BFF. We came to give Courtney and her girls hugs from the Douglas girls (and us!) Katie just had her baby boy last week and I know she can't wait to come visit Courtney. It was great to see them and get to know them better and my girls had fun playing with Ella and Larson!

Monday... was my birthday!! I guess Disney found out and gave me a great day and firework show ... :)

more to come...


Kelly Ford said...

Girl! That last pic is AMAZING!

GG said...


Tara said...

So fun! Glad you guys got a chance to go and be in the magic of Disney.

Natalie Carretto said...

I can only imagine how much your girls are LOVING it, because my girls were in awe just looking at the pictures of your crew at Disney!

Julie Tiemann said...

Love all of these pics so much! Bella looks so happy. But she always does. :) Those girls just get more beautiful with every passing day.

I get positively giddy looking at these pics and imagining my own crew there one day. Can't wait for your next post!