Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disney - Day Three!

Day Three in Orlando meant Magic Kingdom and my birthday!! I totally don't usually care about my birthday, but it was fun to have it while at Disney! I even got to wear a pin all day that said Happy Birthday and all the workers and cast members say something to you! It even got us in the fast lane of Peter Pan when there was a 50 min wait one time! I'll take it!! :)

We were all so excited! There really is just something about the energy at Disney. We loaded up the double stroller with lunch, ponchos, CHRIS' CAMERA (duh), tons of snacks and two cuties and were on our way! We got there early and took the ferryboat over. Bella stood up at the railing and immediately went all pirate on us. "Arrrrrrggggg!" she said!
Farrah just sat and took it all in!
We're here!!
It was a great overcast morning (with just a few spinkles). We took a chance because they said 80% chance of rain - but I couldn't stand waiting another day to go! And we picked a great day.
IMG_3714We walked right onto a few rides in the morning. Peter Pan was a favorite, Bella did not like the Snow White Scary Adventures. She was a big girl, but made sure that we weren't going to ride it again. They also LOVED the teacups. The favorite of the day was the race cars. Giggles all around!!
We watched the 4D movie a couple of times! I loved watching the girls reach for things. They also loved getting to ride the carousel.
After lunch, we realized it would be best if we left to get some rest and come back for the evening festivities. Farrah fell asleep so quickly in the stroller, and all the way back to the car - then she was WIDE AWAKE! And Bella was all of a sudden, too. So we just came home and had downtime and cooled off. We then picked up dinner and headed back.
Right as we walked through the gate, the bottom fell out of the sky! But it was perfect timing - we got to go inside and see Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. I didn't know how Farrah was going to react... but she was IN LOVE!!! They were both completely in awe. Farrah kept going back for second hugs.
Belle gave her a big smooch!
The weather delayed the parade about 20-30 minutes... but it did finally come! The girls were pretty antsy as we had to hold our places to watch. And it sprinkled just a bit again.
We then turned around and watched the fireworks show at the castle. Amazing!

We then rode Peter Pan, teacups and racecars again :) We wore the girls OUT!! It was only 10pm when we left, but it felt like 2am with kids. They were OUT so fast! Chris and I enjoyed a quiet ride back on the ferry.

It was a wonderful day. A great way to ring in my 32nd birthday. We loved being big kids with our kids. Here's to a great year!


Nana Julie said...

Love! Love! Love!! So thrilled that y'all have had an amazing time!!

GG said...

An AMAZing Birthday and LOVE the pics with Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty! Glad you got to see my favorite PETER PAN!!!

Emily said...

Wow awesome pictures!!! And adorable disney gear too!!! there is no better place to celebrate your birthday! We skipped the cars with kye, for sure need to do them next time!

Julie Tiemann said...

Love love LOVE all these pics!!!! Oh man, just so cool. Wha a great way to spend your birthday!!! I'm seriously so giddy when I think about taking our girls!

Izza said...

Your kids are so cute, it seems that they really have a wonderful vacation. You've made me excited to take the Disney vacation too especially now that I won't be having problem in bringing stroller

Bonnie Blalock said...
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Bonnie Blalock said...

The picture of Farrah hugging Belle is my favorite. I have been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast since I was her age... these are all priceless!!