Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things keeping me busy

A different kind of post from lately!

These are some of the things that have kept me busy lately. Kids and house projects. The girls keep me on my toes and keep me thankful. Bella has such a sweet heart and loves to tell me that she loves me, all the time! It never gets old :) And she must be teaching Farrah her ways because today, Farrah said to me, "You're my best friend!"

Dress-up inside!

Lots of "crafts" as Bella calls anything involving crayons or markers. Farrah is getting into this now, too! It's fun when activities start holding their attention a little longer. She is so proud - she can draw circles, the letter "F" and the letter "A"!

It has been soooo beautiful outside the past couple of days!! We've had bike races, picnic lunches and learning ways to crack pecans without a nut cracker! (I finally bought one today because we have so many pecans in the yard!!)

While at Lowe's, the girls have discovered the fun bathroom section. They should have this be the babysitting area while mom's and dad's shop...

Chris and I painted a bathroom one night this weekend. It's the only room we've never painted since we moved here five years ago!!! My sister, mom and I painted the girls' room last week. I should say, we painted it back to how it was two years ago... exactly the same way. We girls like pink in the Green household! :)

And lastly, we've been working on actually printing out some pictures that Chris takes. It's hard to remember to do that, you know?!? And before you know it... you have a gazillion pictures and they are all digital and nothing on the walls! I combined a bunch of frames with the beautiful canvas that Christy Martin took of our family. Now, I just need to fill up the frames! So... you can see what the collage wall looks like, but the frames are almost all empty. But you get the idea!

And, the only reason this room is clean is because it doesn't get used very much right now. Please don't make me take pictures of any other room, then you'll see how real life is around here! :) :)

But hey - "real life" is messy, unorganized, unplanned, unexpected things stop working (like our stove for a few days!), and a work in progress. And real life isn't always happy, we don't all get along, I anger too fast at my kids and the checklist of things to do just gets longer. But when my kids go to bed and I look at these pictures, or remember that I did a cartwheel in the yard just for a laugh or the fact that Bella worked all day at getting us to "pretend to be in a marching band!" I realize real life ain't too bad. If it were only all cartwheels and no to-do lists, we'd be set! But for real - we've had a hard year. And I'm so thankful that I can see what we do have and feel blessed. Because we are.


Pamela said...

You know, Katie, I don't even know you personally(I went to high school with your mom), but I just love you and your sweet family! :)

Allison Wolfe said...

Cute pics! And before I read the post and was just looking at pictures, your airhead friend Allison was thinking "Chris takes a lot of pictures of sunflowers in a vase." hahah.

Joy said...

Love this! Y'all are all so precious! We are going to miss having the girls in weekday. It's not the same! We will just have to get our fill on Thursday :) Love you Friend!

Julie Tiemann said...

Love love love these pics. Little girls are just the BEST! :)

Now that the girls are home most days, we need to do a Tuesday play date!

Kelly Walker said...

I love this post!!! So important to keep our perspective on the things that matter...our kids....and not on the never ending to do lists! Such a good reminder to me!!

Kelly Ford said...

Great read. I'm glad you have such beautiful babies to keep you busy ;)
And for real, i almost died last time i did a cartwheel. Like, pulled my groin and got a horrible headache, a crick in my neck and thought i'd pass out.
Hmm. I'm getting old :-(

Lindsey said...

The last time I did a cartwheel was when I was coaching middle school cheerleaders, and I was chastising them for not being able to do one. They said, "Go ahead! Show us the right way!" So I did.

And I split my pants.

Taylor Wise said...

I am so impressed you can still do a cartwheel. My body will not do that anymore. My husband can barely do one. We feel so old!

Laura Hayes said...

I always enjoy your blog. I am still praying for you and your friends that are near delivery with trisomy babies. You are amazing and God is really using your family as His witness.