Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We're just plain tired

What a week.

Bella came down with a cold Thursday night. So we haven't slept well since. Poor thing just wasn't breathing well with a stuffy nose, so I can't blame her. It's funny how you are so sleep deprived during the day, but I honestly love taking care of her in the night. Maybe it's because she needs me, but she's so sweet and pitiful at the same time.

Chris has been working a conference for a week today. It's finally over which is awesome. We both have taken over that fun cold, he's been working LONG hours for the conference a little under the weather, and I've been at home while the two of us girls get better... We're pretty much all exhausted.

I went to Kristys today to see her nursery set up, and Bella fell asleep on me just standing there. How sweet is this:

Chris was able to come home a little early tonight from rehersal (8pm?). Well, I noticed earlier in the day that little Astro's mouth / face was swollen. I made an appointment for first thing Friday morning, but it had gotten worse. So the night vet said we needed to bring him in. Chris is a great dad and took him in. He has horrible teeth (Astro that is. Chihuahua's are know for crowded teeth because their mouths are so little). We think it's his tooth. He's about 14 now, so I hope he can handle what ever they are doing to him right now.

When they left the house, I hugged him a little tighter and sent Chris with a piece of cheese for him. Astro LOVES cheese. Chris called to say he tore Astro off a piece, and somehow he's gotten it in his tail. So he is doing circles in the front seat trying to get the cheese. And if any of yall know the breathing noise he makes, you know what it sounds like right now in the car.

Here's to hoping we get some good sleep tonight......


"GG" said...

Oh my heart goes out to all four of you!!! I hope all get well soon!!! Love ya,

morgan collins said...

that is such a sweet pic:) of bella...not astro. Astro's "bad" eye is actually starting to look normal. aka...not about to pop out of his head.