Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Hand

It was a strange drive down 400 today. First, I see this car, whose
license plate says, "NO HAND." I thought that meant that he drove
"with no hands on the steering wheel," you know... wrecklessly.
Afterall, he was driving an Audi TT sportscar.

When I drove past him, I quickly realized that he was wasn't
kidding. He was holding his iPhone with a nub...he didn't have hands.
That's wrong.


"GG" said...

Not wrong...just his reality! Amazing huh! I love your random thoughts and expressions!

Klee said...

i just laughed outloud while reading this.

morgan collins said... least he can laugh about it.

Kim, Chris & Tuxy said...

Chris, you crack me up with the things you post. I am sitting here laughing at this one. I have seen people reading books and newspapers while driving down 400, but this one takes the cake!