Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dream Big

Jeff Henderson, Buckhead's campus director, brought in an author today
to speak to the staff.

His name: Joe(y) Reiman. His book: Thinking For A Living. His agenda:
dream big.

It was one of the most enthusiastic, authentic representations of
passion I've ever seen. Captivating. I couldn't divert my eyes from
him. Maybe because he spoke through his eyes, not his mouth. He was
overflowing with life. We all were changed today.

Here are a few key quotes from his talk:

"Be a in family."

"Don't 'should' on yourself." Live without regret.

"The omission of nurturing is abuse."

"Marry someone who is never an enemy of your excitement."

"Throw your heart over the fence and your body will follow."

Buy his book. Heck, if you need another reason: he had the most
awesome shoes I've ever seen:


maggiemaeupdates said...

ditto on the shoes :) he rocked. i have not belly laughed like that at anyone in a while!!

Kelly Ford said...

I think his shoes look like something an old man would wear. But i like the quotes...we just wont go shoe shopping together..! haha!

Jerry said...

I have to agree with Kelly on the shoes. They were very 1970-80's to me, but he wore them well.

The talk was very inspiring. I keep thinking back to the omission of nurturing being abuse part. I'm often on both sides of that fence.