Saturday, May 31, 2008

H2O Baby

Bella went swimming for the first time today!!!
Man, I had soooo much fun!!! She did too, I think!

I had been looking for parent/child classes, and signed up for some in July at the YMCA. But, that is not soon enough for me! I found "Oh Baby! Fitness" classes (have you preggo's and mama's heard of this?? Check it out!!) They have yoga, abs, swim, cycle and stoller work outs for preggo's and for mom and baby.
Anyhow, I did a drop in class today and it rocked!!!!!!! And we are both worn out.

I have a video too, but I need to edit it down a bit.

She loved all the mirrors in the locker room!

How cute is she??

Bella splashed and slapped the water so much, she was starting to fall asleep in the float towards the end.

Oh, but I could have TOTALLY done without the naked lady in the locker room as soon as I walked in. I think I said a curse word under my breath because it shocked me so bad. I just didn't expect it. I needed a little build up to that. For example, there was an older lady walking around in her underwear. If I had seen her first, THEN seen the butt naked lady, I still would have been shocked, but I would have seen it coming.
Hey, noodie, it is a huge dressing room. Do you mind not standing around in your birthday suit right by the entrance? Thanks.


Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

This is so cute! I want to go to classes like that with Tyler...right now we go to Little Gym once a week and that is loads of fun. Is this program part of the YMCA or something else? Fill me in on how I can see if there are any here in Texas. So glad y'all are having fun!

"GG" said...

You're such a great Mom!!!! Looks like you both had a great time! Ganny enjoyed looking at all the pictures this morning from her hospital bed!! We love technology!!! Love ya!!!

Julie said...

Love it! I remember taking you to class. It looks like you are doing the right thing - enjoying every minute. Kisses from Florida. can't wait for the video!

morgan collins said...

she is SOOOOO cute in that little bikini! hurry up with the video...I can't wait:)

Brian G said...

I love her! She gets more and more beautiful everyday! Good stuff

Samuel said...

Greens need to come over and swim at the Blossoms. Its no workout, but we serve Margaritas (post swim during naps these days anyways).

Anonymous said...

I'm the total opposite. I prefer a "nude" locker room. No, I'm NOT a lesbian. I just prefer a casual locker room where people are more at ease and aren't concerned about trying to hide from each other while changing and drying off after a shower. I think that with all of the body issues that so many women have that it's nice to see women have the confidence with their body that they don't mind other women seeing them in the nude.

Plus, since I don't go out of my way to cover up right away after I shower I prefer that there are other ladies that are the same way so that I don't get those damned dirty looks from the more conservative women.

Trust me, after a while the nudity won't even be an issue in the locker room.

Jennifer H