Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short Update

Chris was in Nashville this week.
Bella likes to bite a little with her 2 teeth.
Chris took maternity pics of the Masterson's.
Bella wants to crawl. She's squirmy.
I forget to charge my phone a lot. It dies a lot.
Bella likes her portable high chair.
I want a new dining room table. Any suggestions where to shop?
I'd like a tan. Like now.
Applied for a new dog tv show.
I miss Chris when he's gone for 3 days in a row.
Chris and Katie have sinus infections.
I eat Chick-fil-a too much.
Bella is talking to her toys a lot these days.
A bum gave me ONE window blind for mother's day.
I'm (mentally, not physically) ready for the beach.
Astro is like a new man with his teeth fixed.
I am very sad The Office season is over.
We are going to the zoo for Memorial Day.
I love Bella more than I could have ever imagined.
My husband makes me laugh.

And a quote that a co-worker shared with me that has stuck with me all day: "When you say yes to a lot of things/people, and there are only so many hours in the day to get things done, you are also in the end saying no to things/people that matter." Make sense?

Have a great Friday!


"GG" said... sad a lot for a short update. I love the bottom line! It totally makes sense!!! The pools open if you want a tan...and check out Real Deals in Jefferson they have quite an assortment of dining room furniture! Hope you both feel better real soon! Love ya girl!!!

worshipdesign@thevine said...

hi katie! i've heard real deals is good, too....and i just bought a kick-tail square dining room table with 8 chairs at Sams for $700 :)

Julie said...

You never can have enough Chick-Fil-A & your husband makes us laugh, too. Love to Bella & her parents.

lalandress said...

i like that quote - i need to apply it to my family is going to the zoo on sunday.

Allison Wolfe said...

look on craigslist too! we have found so many things that are practically new for super cheap. real deals has good stuff, only bad thing is once you get it, it's yours, and sometimes you can't see scratches and stuff til you are outside (ask my parents - they got a chair there that had a bad scratch on it and they didn't see it until they got it in the truck - too late).