Monday, July 26, 2010

4th of July weekend - Part 1

We headed back from the beach on the 3rd of July. On the way home, we decided to keep living out of our suitcases for the weekend and have a family filled Fourth!

We drove by the house, dropped off the refrigerated items, and drove into Lawrenceville for their "Prelude to the Fourth". I had no idea they had been doing this for a few years. We picked up The Chick (which is what we call Chick-fil-a 'round here), watched the Aurora Theater put on The Wizard of Oz, had some Rita's ice cream, and just played. Bella made about 50 new friends. She doesn't meet a stranger. Then we watched the 5 minute long firework show (no kidding, it was so short!!!!!)

We just pulled out the beach blanket (check out "The Neat Sheet" at Babies R Us if you are going to the beach! It retracts sand!) and chilled out after traveling for the day.

Farrah likes ketchup. Or ketchup packets.
She was IN LOVE.
Seriously, she made a lot of new friends.
IMG_5095 IMG_5098 IMG_5123
My awesome husband who packed a car, drove home from the beach, then took his family to a fireworks show.
Farrah was wearing this light pink zebra striped outfit:
IMG_5080And kept getting referred to as a "he". I know it shouldn't matter, but I insisted on a full outfit change when I changed her diaper. I care, so shoot me! :)
It was a great start to a fun weekend!!

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