Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Beach Shots

When we had sunny weather, we took every chance to play hard outside!

I love this bathing suit.

I'm usually all about cheap ones, hand me downs, etc.
This year, I was also all about this cute one.

And the girls green matching suits.
From new iphone pics

I have to say, I love to dress them the same. Because that means Farrah gets something new to wear besides all of Bella's hand-me-downs. And who doesn't love matching outfits? :)

Farrah liked the water.
She seems a little more brave in water to me overall (like in the bath, etc.) than Bella did at this age
From new iphone pics

This was the place to be on the beach!
How many kids does it take to fill up a baby pool?
From new iphone pics

The way we get Bella to coorportate in most pictures is to say, "Show me your sad face! Now show me your silly face! Now your happy face!!" And hope we catch some good ones :) I was busted here trying to get her to copy me!

My poor husband was in like NO pictures on this trip. We didn't bring the camera down a lot - sand! But I captured a couple on my phone.
From new iphone pics

Let's see... what else...

Loves her mommy

And again, we had a lot of rain, and we did a lot of cuddling and playing inside!
From new iphone pics

We did eat out a couple of times. I'm all about eating in, being lazy, and getting the most out of the beach as I can get. I can eat out anywhere! But I know it's fun to go get overpriced seafood, too. haha! jkjk.
Honestly, I just don't want to waste time coming in early, getting ready, etc. I'd rather just play outside!
Fudpuckers was always the one place I could count on going to when I was growing up and vacationing as a family in Ft. Walton. We headed over to the Destin Fudpuckers one night. There is SO much to look at, so it is a great, loud place for kids!

Poor girl, looks like that's a bandage on her head. Gosh mom!

Sorry for long post! But I hope you enjoyed it! I needed to get these out there before time went by any more...
Until next year, beach!



Emily said...

you could put up 1,000 pictures from the beach and i'd enjoy every one of them!!! the one of you and Bella making her "sad face" is adorable! I love the red suit too and think it's sweet to match them so Farrah can get some things of her own...I never thought of it that way! Zach, Kye and I all coordinate so our next kid will have to match the rest of us haha! We tried the baby pool at the beach and it didn't go over :( My child won't stay out of the ocean long enough to even check it out!!!

Kelly Ford said...

I LOVE the long posts :-) The pics are fabulous, as always! That last one of bella is priceless! Your girls are just DOLLS!