Thursday, July 1, 2010

7 months!

Yahooooo! My mom finally got up my 7 month pictures!


Get my good side, Dad.

I'm adorable.

I'm sittin' up straight because I want you to see how much I've grown... see all my old pictures below!!

1 month: I don't even recognize myself!

2 months: I had a huge growth spurt!

3 months: What are you people doing? It's cold and it's Mid-February! Clothe me!

4 months: Now I can cheese it up!

5 months: That bear is hilarious!

6 months: I'm a happy baby!

At 7 months I'm:
Eating tons of different foods
Sitting up and playing with my cool Big Sister
Sleeping from about 7:30-5am, then back to sleep until Big Sister wakes me! :)
Loving Peak a Boo with a bib over my head
Having fun peeking over at sister in the car seat next to me
Enjoying the pool and beach this summer!
Dressing up to match Bella!
Making mommy want 18 more kids because I'm so cute.

See ya next month! (Maybe closer to the 19th next time :)!)
Blessed, blessed, blessed.


Allison Wolfe said...

Oh my goodness, she gets more and more gorgeous every day (or month, slacker).

"GG" said...

OMGosh...great historical shots...she's beautiful, fun and 18 more???? I guess we all better start saving!!!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Ah, that Farrah - downright edible, I tells ya.

Emily said...

yay! have more kids!!! I showed Zach the video of Bella nursing this weekend and he went on and on about how stinking adorable your kids are!!! the world needs more beautiful children so keep on poppin' em out ;)