Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spontaneous Beach Trip


Last week, we planned a beach trip last mintue. On Thursday, we booked an awesome house in Santa Rosa Beach starting on the weekend. We went with our trusty travel friends, The Walkers and Morgan, and my sister went this time, too! :)

It rained a good bit, but we tried to just use that as relaxation time. And, Morgan, Bella and I weren't scared to stay down in the red-flag ocean one day "hoping it would pass!" haha.

Our little family had so much fun this year. I always love the beach, but I really love seeing Bella enjoy it. The girls were EARLY risers, so we hit the beach early in the mornings, and came in for long naps to the rain. It was pretty great. Everyone read books, but I enjoyed doing nothing. Nothing. Just beachin' and eating good beach foods! :)


Bella is at a good age to entertain herself playing in the sand for some periods of time, and she loved throwing the frisbee. She also enjoyed playing in the blow up pool with Farrah and Amelie. Farrah was great. Took some awesome naps, and even slept a little under our tent.


We have so many great shots... I'll try to break them up!



Emily said...

omg that one of Farrah spread eagle is PRECIOUS! please frame it!!!! it just screams "FRAME ME!"

Nana Julie said...

Only thing missing was Nana!!! Great pics as always. When we going back??? I love spontaneous trips to the beach. I am packed, ready when you are!

Allison Wolfe said...

GREAT pics! Will you do me a favor, and one time put up ONE bad quality photo on your site. It will make me feel better about my pictures. thanks!