Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4th of July weekend - Part 2

... we came back to my parents house and spent the night after the fireworks show. We spent the day in the pool with a cute cabana boy named Chris. :) It was great because all my siblings were there. It's hard to get everyone together, so it was great that we were able to hang and no one had pressure to leave to go to work, etc. Just chillin' in the pool, eating BBQ ribs, and enjoying the sun!


But this is BY FAR the best part. Chelsie got this shirt last year on our family vaca. She wore it the whole time we were in Santa Rosa this year. It's awesome to watch people do double takes - then try to sneak pictures!! She hams it up, too, so it makes it even better!!

His girlfriend, Eden

Ryan and Farrah
And I somehow missed any pictures with Melissa. Although I do have some great videos I need to upload!! The aunts and uncles all had fun throwing Bella, and each other, around in the pool.

It was fun!


Emily said...

I love the name "Eden" so cool and hip! "Eden Parker" wonder if Zach would go for it? ;)

Rachael said...

(Em I love the name Eden too!) Greg vetoed.... Wow, I love that picture of Ryan and Farrah.... I saw a glimpse into the future! What a sweet dad he will be!

Melissa Nicole said...

I loved hanging with everyone on the 4th! You were right about the no pressure to leave or be somewhere..it was nice to just RELAX and love on one another!Rach and Em- I love the name Eden too! haha and Rach, I know Ryan will be a great Daddy...he is so sweet with the girls!

ryanmciver said...

Love the pic! And yes...I too can see myself with my own one day! :)