Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Pigtails

Farrah saw me putting a braid in Bella's hair on Saturday and got up on the step to get one, too. A braid isn't happening anytime soon, but I gave her pigtails for the first time.

While out and about, we overheard a little girl say "Look mom, that little girl has horns"


Emily said...

hahahahaha the horns comment totally made me laugh out loud!!!! too funny! she rocks them horns though ;)

Chelsie said...

hahahhaha made me laugh out loud too! hahahah

Nana Julie said...

She was so proud of them! And looked so cute!!!!!

Carrie from Springs Bargains said...

Ha! My girls always go through a few months of having "horns" too - it's those bald baby genetics from my husband's sde of the family!

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