Monday, May 9, 2011

Farrah brushing her teeth

This is a cute, quick video of Farrah's favorite night time routine. She does not like anyone to take the toothbrush from her - and she doesn't like when I finally stop her. When bedtime is coming, she knows it's time and says, "MOMMY!!! Teeeeth!" and shows me her teeth.

Farrah Brushing Her Teeth from Chris Green on Vimeo.


Julie Tiemann said...

Hilarious! She's actually better at that than Amelia is. I guess because I so rarely let Amelia do it herself. Bad mommy am I.

Timothy Mclaney said...

Haha! It looks like Farrah's really taking good care of her teeth. It's good that she actually finds it fun to do. Some kids find brushing their teeth a drag. What did you do to motivate her?