Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tilling and Sodding

Friday Chris tilled up our front yard while us girls watched.

The loud noise and beautiful weather was no match for Farrah. She climbed up in the stroller to watch and was out a little while later.

Once it was tilled, we entertained in the dirt for a bit

Then we had to move the party back on the porch. "Pretending to sleep" is one of Bella's fav things to do right now. And Farrah loves to follow her. We were in many different outfits because we also have a water table and would get soaked!

Farrah was excited to run up and down this strip of grass

Here's a before! Hopefully I'll have a good after for you soon... :)

1 comment:

Kelly Ford said...

Ooooo... DYING for the "after"!
funny about the outfits :-)