Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

This is my 500th post! Crazy... 500th from this blog, and I'm not sure how many I had on

Saturday, the girls and Chris got up and fixed me breakfast. Yum. You know what I love? Maple bacon. And it's fat free. ha!

We spent the day together and got some good Quality Time, which I'm all about. :)

Chris also got me a new Bread Machine! I found one at Goodwill about a month ago, and have been loving making breads in it. He knew I liked it and got me a new one that makes bigger loafs. So far I've made an apple-raisin wheat bread and a loaf of white bread. Soooo good!!! Here is Bella and I making some.

Sunday we went to church, then headed to Ganny's (Chris' grandmother) for lunch. Chris' parents brought a yummy lunch and we got to spend some time with his mom and grandmother, which was nice. It was laid back and the girls just love running around her house. We topped lunch off with strawberry shortcake (yum! is there a better summer dessert??)

Chris had to go back to work, so the girls and I headed up to Ryan and Melissa's. They made us dinner which was so good. (And is there a better mother's day gift than not having to cook all day??) There, we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and grandmother. We also celebrated birthdays for my dad, mom and aunt. AND for Ryan's promotion at work. Melissa had a cookie cake that simply said "Oh Happy Day!" for the occasions.

It was a nice weekend and I'm so happy we got to see everyone!!


Melissa Nicole said...

This is my second time reading this post and I just noticed your Richards t-shirt!!! haha! I love it!
I have some really cute pictures from our soon as I get them off the camera, I'll make sure to get them to you. LOVE YOU

shea said...

Get out with you and your Richards shirt. Hysterical! Go Rams!