Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer, New Grass, Sprinklers & Watermelon

Call me crazy, but I'd take the hot weather any day. i think I'm meant to live at the beach, actually. (can anyone talk Chris into that for me?) :)
We are excited for summer! Bella and I start her swim lessons next week!!
Along with the fun of new grass comes the ultimate summer fun - the sprinkler. Farrah was not so sure about it at first, but was soon running through it with sister.

Then Daddy came home and got the money shots!

Oh... and we love watermelon (or at least Bella and I do. Farrah likes to take a bite then spit it out?) At least she pretends well.


Nana Julie said...

The first pic I can almost hear the squeal of delight! LOVE it! And I wish I looked that cute in a bathing suit! I guess I need to get me some of that attitude!! Did I say LOVE IT!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Fun pics!!!

So, re the swim lessons - what are you going to do with Farrah during the lessons? I've thought of doing something with Miels but don't know what I'd do with Lily.

Douglasfam said...

this is so fun! they are so stinking cute! i need to learn how to take some "money shots"! how does he do that!?!
EK and H say hello!!!

Emily said...

that bella is such a little model...puckering those lips and pointing her toes in the air! you SO make me hope that i can have two girls someday too!!!! (guess i need one first to make that happen huh?)