Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Farrah is 18 Months!!!!

This is such a fun, fun age! And she's also into things more than ever. Some of her favorite past times are:
-Throwing things in the toilet
-Climbing on the tables, chairs and couch
-Eating, or attempting to eat, markers and chalk
-Giving me a heart attack

Farrah is such a sweet little girl. She doesn't sit still for long, so I treasure the times she will cuddle or fall asleep on me while reading a book like she did last night. And so smart. She watches everything her sister does, learning all kinds of stuff. She also has some of her own unique interests. She really is intrigued by airplanes these days. She loves to find the airplane in her word book (or make me find it) and shout, "Air-D!"

She has a deep, contagious laugh.

I've been trying to collect the things she can say (or actively says on her own)

I don't know
"I did it!" (sounds like "I de de" - she loves to say this after buckling her seat belt herself) so proud.
Hold me
What's that? (Waz dat)
Night Night
Hide (loves hide and seek with sister)
Out (loves outside)
Yes/No (no being much more prevalent)
Bella (sounds more like Ba Ba)
Bird (actually, she says "Beerr" but she's trying)
Oh Toodles
And family names like Mama, Daddy, GG, Nana, Poppy, GDaddy and Kee-gee) :)
Milk is "Mo"

And of course, I speak Farrah, so most of these things have come through a lot of translating over the past month. It's funny how mom's can speak another language! :) "Hold me" is a new, and very used one.

Her hair is growing in so rapidly now. Sweet big waves on her head.

Here she is coloring (she's starting to see how you color something in, like these flower petals, and not just coloring the whole page. Or my floor. Not that she sits still very often to color. But it's holding her attention a little longer now :) And look at all that hair!!

Watching a child grow is just amazing. I love my Farrah Kate so much. Two girls really is so much fun! :)

This is what I woke up to Sunday morning:

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