Thursday, May 12, 2011

Allergy Doctor

I finally took Farrah in to her her skin test at the allergist after our Peanut Butter reaction 6+ months ago. She had a simple blood test done after her reaction that showed her allergic to peanuts and egg. So we needed to get further testing done. I guess the allergist does kind of a baseline and you go back periodically to see if things have improved - (some allergies (rarely peanut) can get better.)

Farrah was excited to have mom all to herself this morning. She was running around the waiting room. She had no idea she was about to get tortured. :(

They had me hold her down on her tummy :( and she is strong!! The doctors were nice enough, but not as kid friendly as a normal pediatrician of course. I knew when she was crying hard about the stethoscope that the skin test was going to be bad.

It's almost like a prick - but not really because it doesn't make you bleed. But it doesn't feel good, and is scary to an 18 month old. Then we had to wait 15 min (In a REALLY HOT ROOM!) to see how she would react.

She's def allergic to peanut. He said no nuts for her - it's just easier that way. And, we'll continue to carry our Epi Pen just in case. But she's NOT allergic to egg! So that is great. I can go back to giving her scrambled eggs, etc. I haven't given her straight egg in 6 months. But he said she was clear. Great news!

After pointing at the door all morning to leave, we finally were able to go. She was OUT in the car about 5 min down the road. Poor girl. She did great overall and she's resting it off now. Love this sweet little baby and I'm glad that is over.


Allison Wolfe said...

Bless her heart! I forsee an allergy doctor in our very near future. We are changing insurance, so I am waiting until then!

Julie Tiemann said...

Bless her heart. So sorry y'all have to deal with the peanut allergy thing. Man, it seems so widespread these days. Very scary. Just glad y'all found out and have a plan! :)

Kelly Ford said...

Poor baby! I had to have that testing done when i was about 5 (except they tested me for 250 things, 189 of which i was allergic to, including EGGS!) But i did allergy shots and grew out of ALL the food allergies (thank you lord!) and most other ones, too. I hope sweet Farrah grows out of hers, as well!
Ps, i still remember the pricks hurting! I cant imagine watching my kid (especially at 18 mo) go through it! Poor you, and her! :-(

Tara said...

oh dear, glad she is ok. Not a fun morning.