Saturday, July 23, 2011

What time do your kids wake up?


Mine are about a 7:30-8am wake up call. I know that's not terrible... but we are night owls big time, so 7:30 is never fun. I usually get up with them, with Chris getting up around the same time to get ready for work. Weekends we try to switch off, so the other can sleep just a little longer. These were taken well over a month ago of Farrah (or Farrah Beara which is my nickname for her, or Farrah B is what Bella calls her as a nickname). They are from a morning Chris got up with the girls. (which makes me in such a good mood. I love to wake up on my own to the smell of coffee!) :)


So, when do your kiddos wake up?? Do you wake up before them to get the day started, or do you let them be the alarm clock?


Kelly Ford said...

Rhyan wakes between 7-7:30. Sometimes she wakes as early as 6:30, but we dont usually get her out of her crib (yes, shes still in one of those!) till around 7:30. Mack, on the other hand.... yeah, well.

I for sure let them be the alarm clock on my days off! I wish i had the willpower to start my day before theirs and spend some time w/ the Lord first. I wish. Maybe one day!

Tara said...

Haha. Ramsey gets up at 6:15. I even try to wake up before him to get coffee and be happy to greet him. he does go to bed between 8:30-9 but is for sure an early riser

Danielle Phillips said...

Clayton (3) gets up around 7:15 and the baby (2.5mo) gets up at 6! I am a night owl too so 6am is torture!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Ah, I just love Farrah pics!

My girls thankfully sleep until at least 7 most days. They used to be 6 (!), but thankfully they've gradually gotten later. Sometimes we have to wake them up for "school days," but usually we're running late so that they're already up by then. ;) The other five days, they're my alarm clock. We're night owls (not my nature, but what I have to do to get all my work done) too, so I hear ya.

Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

The boys wake up around 7:30 to 8:30. I know that will change once kindergarten starts in the fall for Cameron, but we're night owls and most nights they go to bed around 9ish. Depends on their behavior usually. They are almost 5 and 3 though which has made a huge difference. Conner, my youngest didn't sleep through the night til he was almost 18 months old.