Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mommy, Pool?


Farrah loves the pool. She says "POOL!" to anything associated with it - swimsuits at the house, a bag that I might have taken to the pool once, towels... etc.

Farrah also refuses to wear any ol' pool hat. She will, however, wear this one all the time at home. So, I went with it and we use it in the water, too. It works great. Who knew? Target $1 Easter Hat from 3 years ago.

She's always ready for the pool!


Here's Bella in the same hat in 2009!
From Bella


GG said...

Awh!!! So sweet and love her expressions! Wish I could take her everyday to the pool!

Julie Tiemann said...

OK, seriously, how stinking ADORABLE is she?! And that hat! Love.it.