Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book recommendation

My best friend Kristy lives up the street from me. How great for us. We both have two girls that love each other. And we've known each other since middle school, so we get each other. We roomed together all through college. So she's seen all sides of me (haha - thinking about the time my sports bra got stuck on my earring. I tried to hide and do it myself, but I ended up having to get her to help me get it over my head. How humbling...) haha! And now we get to live so close to each other. She is so helpful and watched Farrah for me for the month of June so Bella and I could enjoy swim lessons together. I'm so thankful she is my long time friend and neighbor!!

Kristy's husband, Russ, just published his first book! How cool is that?? It was just released from Tyndale House Publishers as an e-book on July 1st. It's called 40 Days without Food: Divine Goodness to a Starving Soul By Russ Masterson
It is available on the Kindle, Nook, and iPad (via the free Kindle app for iPad). Below is a book summary or jump to his site for details and stuff:

“I had a college degree, and soon a seminary degree to accompany it, yet I didn’t know where to go or what to do.” Russ Masterson had read and heard about purpose, but didn’t have a clue what his own purpose was. And there was emptiness where there should have been value. As he puts it, “I kept hoping a step would arrive when it was time to lift my foot.”

Disillusioned with his life, as well as with God, he heard this advice: fast from food for 40 days. Faithless and frazzled, Russ accepted the challenge, hoping for direction, reflecting on the past, and wrestling with issues like purpose, faith, and love.
In this book, readers will find a fresh literary voice — an insightful thinker who meets people in their humanity while helping them to see they can be rescued from it. The journey of these forty days without food will help you explore what really matters in life.

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Julie Tiemann said...

I still can't get over how many connections you and I have, that your bestie is Kristy Queen, and you and Shanna were roommates too. Crazy!