Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Saturday

This past weekend, we went to Jefferson to see GG and Poppy & Uncle Brian. We had a great time at the pool. We also noticed a baby bird while we were there. Later on, we looked up to see that he was hanging upside down - and he was stuck in his nest!! Brian and I got a towel and made a kind of trampoline for him to fall on. haha! But he wasn't budging. Then Chris took the pool net skimmer thing and got him down. We found some sissors in a first aid kit and the pool. I was able to hold him and cut it away from his mangled foot. I'm sure he'll never use that foot, but he was able to fly away! And we then saw him meet up with his mama bird.
Anyhow... we had a great time jumping in and goofing off at the pool. Poor Chris the cameraman is in none of these pictures. But thanks for taking them, sweetie!! :)

She's so adorable!
GG & Poppy
Uncle Brian
Bathing Beauties


GG said...

We had a great time at the pool! As always, Chris took some great pictures!

The Adams Family said...

Farrah looks to stinkin cute laying on the step with that big cheese grin :) Looks like everyone had tons of fun!

b green said...

I had a great time, I love my Little Growing Green Family!