Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bikes and Daredevil

These were taken about a month ago. We just found them on the camera.
We walked down to the end of our street where there is an old fountain (and possibly an old entrance to the zoo?) It's sort of abandoned and cool looking. It has a little turn around, perfect for little bike riding :) We went after dinner one night to get some energy out of two little girls...

Have I said before that Farrah is our little daredevil?

I LOVE this pic! This is an often used expression of hers...

pretty one of Bella... secret... Chris was stick fighting with Bella to get her close and lots of fun shots

Seeing these pictures reminds me that we need to use this after dinner activity more! :)


Nana Julie said...


Emily said...

i always LOVE all the fun colors you dress your girls in!!! bella looks SO much like her mommy in the second to last picture! ps: you live MEGA close to zoo atlanta right? we're planning a girls trip (me, my MIL, and my sister-in-laws) to take the kids to the zoo and aquarium!!! we need to hook up! got any tips on cheap tickets? or insider info i need to know? i haven't been in YEARS!!!

Julie Tiemann said...

That picture of Farrah is HILARIOUS! She is a TRIP!

I can't believe that SHE'S your daredevil. I would have thought that title belonged to Bella judging from the sledding videos this winter. ;)