Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Time = pool

It's HOT! In case you didn't know.

Going to the pool is quite the adventure (especially by myself - not sure if I'll do that again) with 2 kids. Farrah has NO FEAR as usual and it's funny that the lifeguards think that blowing their whistle is going to keep her from running. Straight to the deep end. So I chase her and Bella worries that I'm leaving her half the time. If the whistle worked, you better believe I'd be wearing one around my neck 24/7.

That also happened to be the Memorial Day Opening for our pool. I probably should have reconsidered going when I had to park at Kristy's and looked down to see this:

But how do you turn around in 100 degrees with two kids with their suits on? You can't. And, I was dying to get in, too.

The next time we went, we went as a family at night. Dad picked up a pizza and we ate at the pool and then swam around. It was wonderful!

Bella and I started swim lessons for her last week. I gotta get her comfortable going under.

Then TODAY, I tried out a new splash park around us. It's a whole new park, actually. It was great! The girls would get a little wet, then run to a playground, get hot, and run back to the water. Farrah didn't love the water splashing in her face, and she really just likes the thrill of running and me chasing her. But overall, it was a great new find for us for something to do (and super close to the house), not crowded at all, and just nice. I hope it stays nice! :)

And, we've been playing in the sprinkler a lot too :)

What have you been doing to stay cool? :)


Nana Julie said...

What cuties! Love the whistle comment. Where's mama's bathing suit pic???

KatieMGreen said...


Emily said...

we just finished lessons with kye (post coming tomorrow with all the details!) if farrah doesn't like water in her face a good tip is when you rinse her hair don't wipe the water out of her eyes right away. we started just dumping water over kye's head! the instructor told us it lets them get used to the water in their face and think it's a normal thing :)