Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Bella has been VERY into letters lately. In two ways. She loves to make people letters/cards and put them in envelopes. I have a huge box of them left over from Christmas cards. She'll write a letter, fold it up and loves to lick and stick down the flap.

She also has been writing bunches. She asks me all day how to spell things and she writes them out. From "Happy Fathers Day" to "Happy Birthday Josie" and she now knows how to spell her and Farrah's full name by herself.

So we have been practicing letters.

Friday morning the girls woke up EARLY and Chris let me sleep in while he worked with her on D's, P's, S's and X's. And of course took some great shots. :)

And I love this one of Farrah's hand on Bella:
There are papers all over the house. They all have "BELLAFARRAHMOMMYDADDY" written on them. :)


Julie Tiemann said...

Ha! I love the new name of your blog - at least I think it's new. Yeah, you can't really call yourself the little Green family anymore. ;)

That Bella is so stinking smart! Wow!!

Nana Julie said...

She was spelling all your names over & over while at our house. Writing letters, giving me notes. Love each one of them. She is pretty darn smart if I say so myself. :)

GG said...

Totally agree! Bella is so smart and she's like a sponge...absorbing so much. I love it when you teach her really big words like "interchangeable" and listen to her pronounce them and for her to tell me what it means!