Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gone Fishin'

About two weeks ago, Bella & Farrah's GG and Poppy took them to a family birthday party. The house was on Lake Sinclair. On the way down, Poppy stopped and bought the girls Barbie fishing poles. It has a fish on the end to weigh the line down and Bella is pretty darn good at casting the line!

While they were there, her line got tangled and Poppy gave her his fishing pole to reel in. On the way in, she caught this!
Bella with fish

The girls like to "fish" in the front yard. These pictures were at like 8:30 one morning last week. Fishing in our PJ's. I'm sure we were a cute sight to drive by and see... :)

I love these two! I mean, are these not the days of making memories or what? Drinking coffee watching my kids fake fish in the yard in their PJ's. Ha! Thanks GG and Poppy for the fun toys!

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GG said...

Nothing better than seeing Bella's face when she caught the fish...cannot say who was more excited...Bella or Poppy! I believe it was Poppy!!! I just love that you are able to make such great memories with the girls! Love ya!