Monday, June 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 13 weeks

Baby is the size of: a medium shrimp

Symptoms: still get tired, but better than the first trimester.

Baby-related purchases? diapers for my baby, Farrah :)

Maternity clothes? not yet. getting closer. I am eating so bad. I know I shouldn't but it hasn't stopped me. Somebody stop me!!!!

Sleep: Still love naps. But I'm not dying if I don't get one now. I'm trying to reach deep for my inner superwoman powers and get stuff done around here! We are still trying to get down the road of getting our house listed... so I need some of those powers :)

Fun moment(s) this past week: I got to tag along with Chris as he was working at our Married Life Live conference at church Friday night. Ted Cunningham and Gary Smalley spoke. It was fun to get away and focus on marriage. We sat at a fun table with Sherri & John and Jill & Andy. AND - Sunday we were able to celebrate how good of a Daddy Chris is! I made one of his favorite meals - mashed potatoes, okra and cubed steak with some chocolate cupcakes. His parents are the best at this meal! I'm learning and man i love fried okra!! :)

Movement: not yet. i feel my tummy stretching every once in a while.

Food cravings: Anything. See above. :)

Gender: Talking about not finding out more & more. Had a fun realization that the baby will probably be here the week before Christmas (my doc will probably let me get induced a week early again if baby is big and lookin' good because it was perfect last time doing that!) And that will give people time to get baby #3 a Christmas present (boy clothes if it's a boy! :) ) Or we'll be set if it's a girl!! :)

Belly Button in or out? In. It better be. haha!

What I miss: Nothing really. Just in that weird stage of starting to poke out and having a muffin top. Well, I kinda always feel like I have a muffin top, haha, but now it's harder to suck in. :)

Milestones: Into my second trimester!

Stretch marks: i hope not yet! haha

Weight gained: I don't have a scale. (We left it at my parents and I think I'll leave it there as long as possible.) Or maybe I should get it to help with the said eating problem...

What I am looking forward to: my ultrasound this week!

Weekly Wisdom: At the marriage conference - keeping "Value" as high as possible on each family member and "Anger" always as low as possible.

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GG said...

I just love that you blog! It's always fun to read and entertaining too! Thank you so much for sharing your man with us Saturday night. We appreciated your sacrifie of quality time with him and the girls. You are so special and I thank God for you every day! Looking forward to the growing little green family baby #3!!!