Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My secondborn


Your beautiful blue eyes get me every time.


Your deep laugh is contagious. You don't let the fact that you are second child overshadow your big personality!


You catch on to new things so fast. And then, you want to do it independently.


You are at a fun & cute age- even your timeouts are adorable. You are goofy and love making us laugh with your funny behavior.


Your sweet hair is growing fast now, with little curls in the back that curl up more in the sweaty sun.


Your favorite sayings right now are: "Yo Yo" (yougurt), "Why?" and "What's that?"


You bring so much joy to my heart and this family. I love you!


Nana Julie said...

Perfect! You summed her up perfectly. What a sweetheart & joy. She makes me smile just looking at her sweet face. Love...

GG said...

Farrah truly is a sweetheart and a joy to be around. She gives the best hugs and her funny personality cracks me up! I love the many faces of Farrah!

shea said...

What sweet posts about your babies. Farrah looks like a character!
I gotta know where you found that cute swing.

Emily said...

I've never met your kids but you can see Farrah's personality in her little face!!! I'll bet you are always laughing with her around :)