Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Farrah in Timeout

Still working with Farrah on timeout. She loves to push Bella and pull her hair. We feel like she knows it's bad at this point. She feeds off the reaction of Bella which is usually "MOMMY" being screamed. Bella tries to be patient but she's starting to fight back. I'm trying to remind Bella that she needs to remove herself from the situation (instead of just sitting there taking pulls and pushes over and over while screaming my name). This is really our biggest battle right now.

So Farrah thinks it's cute, and timeout is almost fun for her. I'm trying to just be consistent and hope she doesn't like going there soon. I'm also started using words like, "that's bad" instead of "NO!" all the time (because I feel like I'll start sounding like white noise because I say it so much!) I also know that she's going through the stage of testing limits and also just likes the reaction of Bella rather than actually hurting her.

Anyhow, this is a cute video of her walking to her most used timeout corner. This is about day #2 on timeout. We're getting better... haha. It's also hard to not smile and her cute face... but gotta get her to stop this. She's not doing it at school, so she knows better! She keeps us busy!!

Farrah Going to Timeout - 19 Months from Chris Green on Vimeo.


Allison Wolfe said...

Oh goodness. You are far more successful at it than us! We HAVE TO do better with it. Like you said, we say "no" too much and she doesn't listen to it AT ALL. When I send her to time out, she laughs. I have to figure out something! Can I send her to your house for potty-training and time-out boot camp? :-)

Jill said...

Haha! This cracked me up - SUCH a similar scene at our house with Lindy! The first time she cried, and the first time Andy did it she cried, and now, well, she seems to be totally indifferent...!

Nana Julie said...

She is a mess!! How can you put someone with such a sweet innocent smile in time out?? You braver that I ever was.