Monday, June 13, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights: 12 weeks

Baby is the size of: a lime!

Symptoms: just tired! blessed i don't get sick.

Baby-related purchases? nope!

Maternity clothes? not yet. got the box out of the attic to do inventory. I like to stay in regular clothes as long as possible because I feel by the end I've worn those clothes so much!

Sleep: Napping everyday in the middle of the day when I can. On a bad routine of going to bed too late, napping... repeat. But I love the naps.

Fun moment this past week: My friend Gilly came to visit!

Movement: not yet. i get some stretch pains every once in a while.

Food cravings: Sugar. Anything. I feel like my appetite is pretty big.

Gender: ?? Thinking of not finding out this time!!! Can I do it?? I think I can! And can I talk Chris into it?

Belly Button in or out? In. It better be. haha!

What I miss: Taqueria Del Sol Margarita

Milestones: Almost through my first trimester!

Stretch marks: i hope not yet! haha

Weight gained: I don't have a scale. Guess I'll find out on the 23rd at my next appt & ultrasound.

What I am looking forward to: my next ultrasound & the beach at some point this summer.

Weekly Wisdom: Great message at church Sunday. SOOO many things I could quote on the message about fear & anxiety. "We fear because we are fighting for control of our lives." "Fear usually doesn’t make you stop believing IN God. It simply makes you stop believing God." We're in a great series of "Amazing Stories" and looking back at "kid stories" like David & Goliath and how truly amazing they are.


Emily said...

yay for weekly updates!!!! i'm JEALOUS you got an ultrasound!!!!!!! grrr! i want one too! and don't find out! you can do it, it's so fun!!!!

Jill said...

As a staunch member of "team surprise"..DO IT! It's so fun!! =)

Lisa Marcia said...

I love that you don't own a scale! haha it was my demise as I headed into the 7-9 months of pregnancy. Can't wait to see this little one!